Worcester, Massachusetts Area Driver's License Exams

Saturday Road Test Information

95% passing rate! Get your driver's license in our Saturday road test.  RMV examiners conduct official Saturday license exams at our privately owned Worcester, MA area driving school. We're located on Route 122A in Holden, MA near the Worcester line, close to I-190 and West Boylston.

Our next available road test is slated for June 21st

Saturday road test site

We offer Worcester County residents the opportunity to take your license test in a suburban environment, far from city traffic and major distractions. Our service for all applicants includes:

  • Certified driving instructor as your sponsor
  • Use of our excellent condition, RMV-approved car
  • Additional Saturday "convenience fee" ($20) that we pay to RMV for each applicant
NOT included: Separate RMV licensing fees which must be paid by you directly to the RMV regardless of where you take your exam statewide. (One-time $50 license processing fee, plus $35 "appointment fee" for each time the road test is taken = $85 total for most applicants)

Saturday road tests are offered by invitation only and are available first to our own driver education students. We offer a limited number of slots to students of other driving schools and non-students depending on enrollment levels. Standard RMV rules apply to Saturday license exams - you cannot schedule more than one road test at a time regardless of the venues.

Questions? Consult our Weekend Road Test FAQ or give us a call.

DISCLAIMER: We reserve the right to use any vehicle in our driver education fleet for the exam. Availability is subject to capacity limits. Practice a.k.a. "warmup" lesson is mandatory for all applicants. Saturday license testing is an optional service that we provide by invitation only, and acceptance may be unavailable, refused or revoked at our discretion. Service is strictly limited to applicants who reside in Worcester County and/or within 15 miles of our driving school. Dates are projected and subject to change or postponement by the RMV or due to weather. The RMV will not allow you to schedule more than one road test at a time. We are extremely diligent regarding timely and accurate submission of all documents to the RMV, but once submitted we have no control over the processing of driver's ed certificates, road test lists, or licenses. Applicants who fail for speeding or unsafe maneuvers will not receive a retest invitation. Sponsorship fees are non-refundable for any reason.

456 Main St (Rt 122A)
Holden, MA 01520

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